Installing Miniconda (Mac, Linux)

Anaconda is a very large install, containing not only Python, but also R, and a host of other things that are not necessary to run pyleoclim. Users may find it preferable to install the minimalist “miniconda” package.

Step 1: Download the installation script for miniconda3

macOS (Intel)


macOS (Apple Silicon)




Step 2: Install Miniconda3

chmod +x Miniconda3-latest-*.sh && ./

During the installation, a path <base-path> needs to be specified as the base location of the python environment. After the installation is done, we need to add the two lines into your shell environment (e.g., ~/.bashrc or ~/.zshrc) as below to enable the conda package manager (remember to change <base-path> with your real location):

export PATH="<base-path>/bin:$PATH"
. <base-path>/etc/profile.d/

Step 3: Test your Installation

source ~/.bashrc  # assumes you are using Bash shell
which python  # should return a path under <base-path>
which conda  # should return a path under <base-path>