Tutorials (and functional science examples) for Pyleoclim exist in the form of:

  • Jupyter Notebooks, which are found on the following repositories:

    • PyleoTutorials contains notebooks demonstrating simple workflows with Pyleoclim:

      • Loading data from different formats into Pyleoclim objects

      • Basic plotting and time series manipulation

      • Timeseries analysis such as spectral analysis, wavelet analysis, coherence, singular spectrum analysis, paleo-aware correlation

    • PaleoBooks will contain more advanced scientific workflows featuring Pyleoclim. Check for updates in 2023.

    • Pyleoclim paper notebooks highlights three scientific case studies featuring Pyleoclim.

    • PaleoHackathon notebooks (contact the crew for solutions).

  • The LinkedEarth YouTube Channel.

Note that additional packages may need to be installed to run these various scientific examples. In particular, we recommend installing the xarray package suite.

conda install -c conda-forge xarray dask netCDF4 bottleneck

You may also need climlab:

conda install climlab

The various repositories listed above have environment files that detail the necessary packages beyond Pyleoclim itself. No package is an island! Another option to run these tutorials is the LinkedEarth Hub

If you still have questions, please see our Discourse forum.